Getting started…

It has dawned on me that when it comes to starting a blog about family and food – particularly one that’s going to include lots on growing food – there’s never really a perfect time to start. Whilst it would be ideal to say, “right, we’re just about to get started, here is some mud and some packets of seeds,” the truth is that we’ve been doing this for a few years now and have invariably got something on the going, pretty much all year round.

The same goes for the family. In many ways I wish that we’d started this several years ago as our eldest arrived – but then who really has any extra time for this kind of thing with tiny ones around? And were blogs even invented then anyway?

So, whilst today has seen very little getting started in the veg plot or greenhouse, it has been a good day for getting started on WordPress – particularly as the weather today has been awful grim, and the promise of sunshine and warmth tomorrow looks like a much better option for getting outdoors.

Roll on tomorrow!


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