Useful kids and summer berries

It happens about twice a year; the sun comes up, the wind stays down, and it feels as though you’re on holiday in your own country, for 24 hours or so at least. It’s rarer still that it happens on a weekend so even better that we ended up at our friend’s house enjoying a barbie.

After a swift cut of the grass, the veg plot called our attention. After a three-week break through holidays and emergency appendectomy, the weeds had taken full control. Whilst the veg plot was undoubtably full, it was getting difficult to see the food underneath all the leaf cover.

Now, usually when weeding is suggested as the activity for the afternoon, the kids run a mile. But today, armed with his mini fork, the boy set about weeding the sweetcorn and, rather amazingly, he did a brilliant job. I think the key trick here was having plants that look completely different from the weeds…otherwise it could have been a different story.

Sweetcorn weeding

The boy's weeding efforts

His next job was helping mum harvest the summer berries – blackcurrants, redcurrants and a few early gooseberries. They all live in our old converted chicken run which helps keep the birds out – but does little for the neighbour’s rats, which have munched their way through half of this year’s strawberry crop.  Still, much chuffed with the haul of berries, for which there are now great plans in the offing.

Summer berries


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