Berry jelly

The berries we pick always need using quickly as they never last that long, even in the fridge.  I find one of the best ways to keep soft fruit is to cover them in jelly. The little girl and boy had both helped pick so they were very keen to help eat! We picked over the berries to remove stalks and then rinsed under the tap. We filled a bowl full and made up some raspberry jelly. The jelly needs to cover the fruit completely so it is important to choose the right sized bowl.  It set overnight in the fridge and was a huge success served as pudding. All three little darlings loved it and asked for more!

Blackcurrants, red currants and dessert gooseberries in jelly.

Huge success as pudding!

The best of the rest of the berries were frozen for future use, the squishy ones (mostly picked by little girl ) were cooked up with sugar and are sitting in the fridge ready to be made into a summer pudding.  I have also reserved a huge pan of blackcurrants  for jam making. I will post  pictures when I get round to some quality kitchen time.

As for today, I am hoping to make a mange tout soup as I have a glut that needs using up. I am planning to have a walk round the garden later and pick anything I think that may go well in my soup. I have some lovely mint, fennel and celery that may cook well together. Much to my husbands annoyance I am not one for recipes. I am more likely to see what I have got and try and cook it together in a proportion that tastes good. This does mean that I am very unlikely to make the same thing twice. The little ones enjoy a wide variety of food and we usually call things by a general name. Tonights dinner, for example, will be ‘Green Soup’.  Green Soup can include anything green such as courgettes, broccoli, peas, parsley or lettuce. The familiarity comes with colour rather than taste!

Green soup ingredients

Today's green soup ingredients

Her x


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