Cakes and bakes

I am new to blogging and I am starting this as I am currently at home recovering from a appendectomy. Hubby and I are keen growers and love to spend time in the garden with the children. I love to cook, I cook what we grow. I love to bake, I bake to use up the eggs from our nine hens and three ducks.  My plan is to share some of our successes and disasters and keep a record of our year.

We have many family traditions that have developed as our family has grown and the children get older. Birthdays are a huge treat and everyone gets to choose what theme and cake they will have.  This month has included two birthdays (big girl and brother-in-law) and I thought I would share some of the baking for these events.  If I can dig out some past cakes I will include these too to offer you ideas and hopefully some inspiration!

Brother-in-law is a chocolate fan and the cake plan was to make a chocolate malteaser treat. I never have a plan for the finished cake,  just a theme. I bought lots of choc buttons, fingers and balls, and after making a chocolate duck egg sponge ( same as victoria sponge mix but replace hens eggs with duck eggs to give a richer finish)  I set to work with little girl to decorate. A little ribbon around the cake adds to the occasion and doubles up and a safety belt holding the whole thing together! I always use a choclate ganache ( equal amounts of double cream and chocolate melted together) to stick the decorations on.  We used a donut shaped cake tin that had a hole in the middle. This was great for filling with chocolate treats.  We were really pleased with the finished event and a little spare sponge mix, ( it didn’t all fit in the cake tin),  led to a few extra fairy cakes! Brother-in-law loved the cake so it was worth the effort.

birthday treats

Fairy cakes

Chocolate fingers, malteasers and buttons are great for cake decoration!

Chocolate birthday cake

Chocolate birthday cake

Chocolate fingers, malteasers and buttons are great for cake decoration!

Her x


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