What’s gone wrong with our tomatoes?

I couldn’t agree more with this piece in the Independent today that highlights the massive difference betwen supermarket and home grown tomatoes. Our greenhouse toms have just come into season – it being a bit chilly here on the hill – but it happens that we had a few left over from our last supermarket shop that slipped into a salad over the weekend. Having eaten enough of our grow your own varieties over the last weeks – it made it all the more obvious that the supermarket ones are tasteless imposters.

On our recent holiday to Itlay we were amazed to see our 90-year-old neighbour out tending rows upon rows of tomato plants every morning. There were about 30 rows with 20 wigwams on each row and four plants per wigwam. He’d carefully tend the plants every morning, pouring on his fertiliser (I hope this is a secret recipe handed down the generations) and tying in bits of new growth. Everything they don’t eat is preserved, bottled and stored – giving them round the year toms.

Italian home-grown toms

Grow your own tomatoes Italian stylee

I can but dream of having this much space – or sunshine – to do the same!! And the amazing Pascquale and his wife were the ultimate advert for the self-sufficient lifestyle.



3 responses to “What’s gone wrong with our tomatoes?

  1. Look at those tomatoes and the work he does every day. His back is surely getting a workout but it is probably why he has had a long life. Hard work and fresh food. I think very few young people today may have even tasted a tomato picked straight from the garden on a warm day.

    • He’s a lovely and truly happy bloke. We have some golden sun toms in the greenhouse this year – and had to convice the kids that it’s alright to eat tomatoes that aren’t bright red (sometimes that is!).

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