Big girl’s birthday!

Big girl turned nine this month. I still remember how important it is to be nine and could see my daughter was delighted that she is well on the way to reaching double digits next year . We had a birthday wish-list pinned to the fridge door for two months before the day,  and she had a plan for the party and cake too.

Things did not go to plan as I was admitted to hospital for a burst appendix a few days before. We had a design for the cake, invites issued  but nothing else organised.  We are lucky to be blessed with wonderful family and friends who all pitched in to set up, clear down, organise games, make a cake and ensure the day was a huge success. Big girl was delighted with the result and besides from input into the idea I can claim no credit. Not all friends bake,  so the cake idea was passed on to the one most likely whip up a sponge cake. She did us proud and everyone commented on the result!

9th birthday cake

Rainbow Birthday Cake

The outside was buttercream and gold glitter. The surprise lay inside and was revealed upon cutting!

Coloured layer rainbow cake revealed!

Rainbow birthday cake

Slice of rainbow cake

The cake itself is made from lots of victoria sponge layers. Each one has a different food colouring mixed into it.  After baking each layer, they are stacked on top of each other and ‘glued’ together with butter icing. It looks really effective and the children loved it.

I am hoping next year Big Girl’s birthday will go a little smoother with less drama but I am going to struggle to top this cake!

Her x


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