Scarecrows and acts of chicken vandalism

We’ve been having some trouble with the neighbouring wood pigeons having a bit of a nibble at the broccoli so decided that we needed a scarecrow, or a scarepigeon at least. Albert was our Saturday  afternoon  project and was put together with some hessian left over from a display, an old shirt and hat, together with some straw left over from the strawberry patch.

Albert the scarecrow

Albert the scarecrow

We’re very pleased with the result – and there certainly seems to be fewer bird visitors to the veg patch so far – but it turns out that Albert’s abilities do little to deter chickens. A visitor to the veg patch today – we think Little Girl – left the gate off the latch whilst showing a friends the new scarecrow we made. The chickens made the most of the opportunity – squeezing through the gap and enjoying a lettucefest.

Scene of the lettuce crime

Scene of the lettuce crime

They do look rather pleased with themselves though….

Chicken suspects

Chicken suspects

Him X


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