Roast breast of lamb

Earlier this year we had a half lamb from my prospective nephew-in-law (good creds supplying extended family with lamb!).  Having stocked up our freezer, we’ve been gradually dwindling our supplies over the past few months – with regular Sunday roasts covering all manner of joints. Today we finally made it to our final joint – the flat breast of lamb.

Breast of lamb is one of those cheaper joints that seems to be coming back into fashion. People tell me that a few years ago butchers would literally give the things away – the ribs, breastbone and layers of fat making it a finickety joint to get to grips with. So, what to do with it?

There’s a really lovely looking recipe from Hugh F-W which involves roasting the joint whole, removing the bones and storing overnight before making tasty lamb strips rolled in breadcrumbs. Trouble is – overnight was not an option three hours before Sunday lunch.

Instead I found a fairly straightforward recipe that involved de-boning the joint (queue 10 minutes of prodding with the one sharp knife) and rolling around some home-made stuffing (three slices of white bread crumbled, finely chopped onion with handful of fresh sage and rosemary from the garden). Tied into shape, the joint took about two hours on 150 degrees C.

Roast breast of lamb

Roast breast of lamb

Simples and utterly delicious. The fat rendered out of the joint – leaving some very tasty succulent meat behind. Yum!

Him X


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