Why only red tomatoes?

Every year we grow a variety of tomatoes. My thinking being that if one type fails the others should do well. This has been a good starting point for trying loads of varieties.  Some we grow again because of flavour, some are good for cooking, but some just look beautiful. By growing a huge variety we also extend the growing season, the small cherries and ready first and the huge beefsteaks ripen later in the summer.

Every child that comes to our house heads for the greenhouse to explore what can be tasted. From toddlers to teenagers they love to pick the warm tomatoes from the stalk and pop them in their mouths like sweets.

We have 21 plants this year in grow bags but another 12 in pots just hanging around the bench. I just don’t have the heart to throw them on the compost after all the effort they put into growing.

We all love tomatoes and since early July we have been lucky enough to pick a bowl every day. These have been used in salads, sandwiches, picnics and soups. When the glut happens I will roast down trays full to make a rich tomato sauce for the freezer.

I think the beauty of summer can be seen in a salad, when you use a variety of colours together in can look like a rainbow on a plate. Orange, yellow and red tomatoes in all sizes and shapes really add to this. So if you have only tried red tomatoes up till now, be brave, try others. They are delicious!

Her x


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