Another year…

I love this time of year. It’s full of promise and plans. Nothing has gone wrong yet, been gnawed to death by some wee beastie or been found at the back of the drawer, having failed to be planted iin the first place. So, at this stage of the year at least,  I can imagine all the wonders that the veg garden will produce – with no disappointments.

In my mind we will produce an abundance of exotic fruit and veg that will be transformed into lovely dinners, freezer recipes, preserves and pickles to make us self-sufficent all year round.  In reality we produce several gluts that we have to process, some yummy dinners and lots of bits to contribute to each meal over the summer months.

Each year we get better and each year we make improvements. So far this year I have washed the greenhouse, started some seeds in the greenhouse and hubby has turned the conservatory into a plant nursery.

The plans include a cutting flower garden, a revamp of the flower borders, a productive strawberry patch as well as growing plenty of fruit and veg to keep us supplied from at least May till October.

Hopefully as the little people in our house are getting bigger and better at helping and occupying themselves we will manage to grow everything we plan to and find time to blog about it! Watch this space!

Her x


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