Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs!

Although keeping hens was a hassle over the winter months when it was cold, wet and very muddy, the reward of freshly laid eggs in Spring makes it all worth while. We are collecting five eggs a day from our mixed flock of 11 hens and three ducks (one of which is a boy, so doesn’t count). They are all of mixed breeding and age; some are rescued birds, some given to us for free and some purchased. They all have names provided by the children and often are named after people we know.

I don’t bake much over winter as I don’t like buying eggs. They taste different to our own and I am not used to actually paying for them.  As as the egg mountain grows, I usually start baking weekly in Spring.

I try to make sponges because they use lots of eggs and just present a basic sponge mix ( 4oz  S/R flour, 4oz sugar, 4oz butter and 2 eggs) in different forms. Hubby loves a Victoria sponge, Little People love cupcakes and I love a tray bake. I usually decide how many eggs I need to use up and then use that quantity of mix, so six eggs would need 12oz of all the other ingredients.

Pretty plates bought at carboot sales make a great carrier to give a cake as a present, donate to a cake sale or take round to a friend’s house. As the plates only cost about 20p each and match nothing in my house I don’t worry about remembering to bring them home.

Sometimes the egg mountain gets so much that a box of eggs make a great gift. People not used to the having freshly laid eggs from hens fed on organic feed and kitchen scraps, that free range in a small orchard, are delighted when tthey try our eggs. The yolks are very yellow, they are easy to poach as they just sit in the pan perfectly and taste delicious!

I have included a picture of a tray bake I made using 6 eggs. It made a great afterschool snack.

Her x


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