A blank canvas

So, today I had the luxury of a whole day at home. I dropped the kids at school, had a quick cup of tea and a catch up with a friend and hurried home to start work. I left the house in a mess and went straight down the garden. Our weekends are getting booked up and I have wanted to get planting for a while but have struggled to find the time.

First of all, I planted up loads of seeds in the greenhouse. I have already planted a few, but I added to the collection. I am growing everything from hollyhocks, marigolds and dahlias to cape gooseberries, leeks and butternut squash. My plan is to grow enough flowers and vegetables to cover our garden, the school garden and have a few left to give away to friends and family; we invested in a 14ft greenhouse so we have to get the most out of it!


After a quick cup of tea I started outside. All I managed to keep over winter was a single purple sprouting broccoli plant. Everything else sucumbed to chicken attacks, pheasants, pigeon nibbles, frost or trampling. I will try harder to keep a better veg garden during this years winter months.


I took a few photos of the garden as it is now, I am hoping to wow you with the before and after pictures in a few weeks. At the moment it looks like a blank canvas. It is waiting to be painted with all the delights of summer.


It was hard work getting started but once a few things had been planted I couldn’t stop. I could see how it all needed to go and I was excited to get everything started.

I managed to plant dahlias, gladioli, potatoes and peas. I follow a rotation system that sometimes goes a bit wonky. I had the foresight last year to keep the planting plan. It made it much easier to just rotate everything round this year.

My day ended with school pick up and a run of after school activities. I am already looking forward to my next garden day. I am hoping to steal some time on Sunday morning.

Her x


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