My Spring Garden

I always think of our garden as a summer garden. It has a few beautiful  flower borders that look brilliant in late spring/early summer but lacks colour late summer and looks dreary over winter. The last few weeks I have been tidying up the borders and clearing away things left over from last summer. Hubby has  rearranged the log pile, cleaned the summer house and playhouse. The garden is beginning to look respectable and soon I will be proud to give a tour of the garden rather than cringe if they suggest we go outside!

I have taken a few photos of the some beautiful spring flowers. Daffodils don’t grow well in our garden but I love buying them in pots from a garden centre. I can then plant up a container with a few pansies, primroses and daffs to brighten up the dullest areas.

Our conservatory looks out on the garden and I think of the containers as being like a picture hung on the wall. The great thing about container growing is that when the flowers stop blooming you can change them for something else. In this way we always have a beautiful all year round view!

Her x


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