Bringing spring inside the house…

I am a sucker for daffodils. I love them. I love their yellowy trumpets, green petals and the happy way they can brighten up a room.  I also love forsythia. It goes so well with daffodils. The little yellow flowers open on the branches before the leaves come out and look stunning in a vase. I may get distracted when it comes  to cleaning or ironing but I can always find time to arrange a vase of flowers, collect a few branches on a walk or hang up a bit of bunting.

The conservatory lends itself very well to hosting all my arrangements and it looks particuarly beautiful today.

The forsythia is in full bloom and the buds on the branches are just beginning to burst open. The little hanging animals are actually egg cosies and the wooden decorations I picked up in our village post office for a few pounds. I am pleased with the effect and already excited about collecting more branches to follow this set!

My hyacinth bulbs have just begun to open this week. I always buy the bulbs as I forget to plant them over winter. I must get better at using the greenhouse over winter to start things off.

I am looking forward to decorating an Easter tree with the children. I will take a few photos to show you how I get on.

Her x


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