Weekend vegetable garden progress and organic growbag conundrums

This weekend has been beautiful! So sunny, bright and productive. We have had lots of welcome interuptions from visiting friends and family but the bulk of the weekend has been spent in the garden.

There are so many jobs to do at this time of year. There never seems to be enough time in the day to attempt my mental list of jobs to be done. Although,  as I sit here tonight, I feel that I am pleased with the progress made, even though the list remains just as long having added a few more.

The greenhouse looks like a nursery or garden centre,  shame I can’t charge for the surplus stock. I know I am growing far too much but I want to make sure I have planted extras in case some don’t grow; especially as many of our seeds are from packets we’ve had for a few years. I have been caught before when I have planted the exact amount I needed and only half germinated – but I still don’t like throwing the poor little things away when there is still a chance that they will germinate.  You just have to give them that chance to grow, the rest is up to them. (The chairs are for enjoying a nice cup of tea in the greenhouse warmth – just like a garden centre but the beverage prices are cheaper.)

You may also notice that the grow bags have been delivered. Our local CPL offers free delivery on compost, bark and grow bags. I searched the internet for organic grow bags with either free delivery or resonably priced delivery and they were the best. As a principle, I don’t like compost with swell gels as we tip it on the veg patch after use and the chickens scratch around in it. I also don’t want the chickens eating swell gels….don’t think that would work so well in an egg.

So we went for Miracle-Gro Fruit and Vegetable Organic Grow Bag – quite pricey but look pretty decent, especially next to those naff floppy things you get from the DIY store. On arrival though, they contain organic plant food (tick) but, though reduced, are still high in peat (cross) and I’m still not sure about the gells (hmm). You kind of expect more from anything with organic on the label; jury still out on this one.

We have used the tin baths for a few years in the greenhouse. They make great planters. They warm up and seem to produce a lovely early salad crop. Later on we’ll use them to grow peppers and chillis (the latter being hubby’s obsession).

For now, hubby planted little plug plants of spring onions, rocket and mixed lettuce. Hopefully we will have our first pickings in a few weeks.

The veg garden has been divided off into different sections, a few spinach and lettuce plants have been put in. We have also started off two rows of carrots.

It’s all beginning to take shape. A few more sessions on the garden and the bulk of the spring planting should be complete. So glad the light nights are here to provide those much needed sessions.

Everyone helped in the garden today. The little people have always enjoyed the garden. We accept that a few things get stood on (poor baby chives), illegally weeded and man- (well, child-)handled but it’s worth it for the quality time we spend together.

Her x


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