My pros and cons of keeping chickens and ducks

The pros:

  • Eggs
  • Fun to watch
  • They eat scraps
  • More eggs
  • Ducks eat slugs and snails
  • Provide good fertilizer for the compost bin
  • Fresh eggs
  • Some are very tame and make good pets (Baby Fluff and Baby Star, these were named by the children!)

The cons:

  • No eggs in winter
  • A burden to let out and shut up at night on a busy day
  • You need to ask someone to watch them when you go on holiday
  • Too many eggs when they are all in lay (17 over the weekend in fact!)
  • They can eat all the grass and can turn an area to mud – we try not to over-stock the orchard
  • Smelly to clean out
  • The break into the veg patch if they can – we clip the wings to stop them jumping over the fence



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