How to keep a low-maintenace flower garden.

I love flowers. I love picking flowers, growing flowers and arranging flowers. We have a few flower borders in our cottage garden. When we planted them we were on a very tight budget and they are mainly made up of things we were given, found, grew ourselves or bought very cheaply from car boot sales. We now wish we didn’t some of them, as they look wrong in our garden, irritate Hubby’s skin or spread everywhere.

If we were making a garden from scratch again, I would have more knowledge than when we did it last time. I would also have more money to buy plants I want, rather than just make do. I do like the fact that everyone of our plants has a story, a history and a memory for us. Much more personal than just buying them all new from a garden centre.

One thing I would do again is to plant through a membrane and mulch on top. This is a brilliant planting technique.

As much as I like my flower garden I don’t have the time to frequently weed, (who does?), I have enough to keep me busy in the vegetable garden . By planting this way, we weed once a year and top up the bark every other year. To add a new plant you just cut a cross in the membrane, pull back the flaps, dig a hole and plant in the newbie. After, just fold back the flaps and spread bark all round the plant. We have been doing this for a few years and it works really well in our garden; without it we just grow a border of couch grass, dandelions and dock leaves.

It doesn’t look much at the moment. It has only just started growing. Hopefully in another couple of weeks you won’t see much of the bark as everything fills in and blooms.

We have been topping up the bark mulch this week. It really tidies up the border and supresses weeds by holding the membrane in place.  We ran out of bark for the last few borders, you can see in the photo above the before and after effect.  Ah well, I guess that will be another order for CPL!

Her x


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