How many eggs can we collect in one day?

The chickens are laying really well at the moment. From our 11 chickens we are collect about nine eggs a day. They are all different breeds and ages as we always try and acquire them in groups of three or four, rather than in a big batch. This way we always have a variety of ages so we can collect eggs over most of the year. As they get older, they lay more infrequently but we keep our chickens as pets not for commercial reasons so, they are still valued and cared for even if we only get one egg a week.

Our chickens usually lay in their nest boxes; we have found using lots of straw in the boxes helps keep the eggs clean.

To find the eggs you have to lift up the lid and count your find!

I have just been down to the garden to collect today’s egg stash to make a birthday cake for the smallest member of the family.  I hope it turns out well, she has requested a chocolate easter egg cake.  Wish me luck!

Her x


3 responses to “How many eggs can we collect in one day?

  1. I’d love to have chickens! This makes me want them even more…

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