What do you cook when you need to use up eggs?

As it’s the Easter holidays, I haven’t seen all the usual people I know – so I haven’t been able to distribute our excess eggs. I know eggs will keep for a while, but I like to process them as an enormous egg mountain is more difficult to tackle.

As a family we have been eating a couple of egg-based meals a week. I find the best thing to do with fresh eggs is to poach them. They are easy to poach when fresh as they stay together in a single lump when cracked into a pan of simmering water. Heston might have done all the science on how to do it perfectly, but personally speaking I’m happy (and, more importantly, so are the kids) with the way I do them. I use a frying pan as it fits enough eggs in for a family of five and you can keep the water shallow. I like to have the yolks poking out slightly as it keeps the eggs soft in the middle but well cooked outside. You can always flip them over if you like your eggs more well done.

Here mine are, simmering away…

These were served on fresh bread toast in the garden on Sunday and they tasted wonderful. If you haven’t had a fresh egg then you need to go and find one – it should definitely be on your list of things to do before you are 40!

Other great ways I use-up eggs include tortillas, omelette,  quiche, egg salads and cake! If you can any other ideas that I could try, please let me know before the egg mountain grows even bigger.

I am currently collecting about nine eggs a day from my 11 hens and two eggs a day from my three ducks (one is a drake, so I will be very confused if I start collecting three a day from the ducks). Altogether that is 11 eggs a day, 77 eggs a week.  A couple of months ago I was lucky to get three a week.

Her x


5 responses to “What do you cook when you need to use up eggs?

  1. I used to love to go out and collect eggs at my grandfather’s house when I was little – fond memories. And I can see why the pickled egg recipe appeals to you!

  2. All those poaching eggs look delicious!! My current favorite way to eat a poached egg is served over roasted asparagus :-).

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