Greenhouse and garden update

Even though we’ve just had a busy birthday weekend we still found time for gardening. I am very pleased with my greenhouse progress. I really feel like I am making the most out of it this year. I am certainly starting lots of seeds!

You may notice I have had a bit of a rearrange. I have spread out my grow bags and put the seed trays on top. The grow bags should warm up in the day and help keep the seedlings warm at night.

Everything seeems to be successfully germinating but I think that has more to do with the recent warm spell than my green fingers.

It has been so warm that we have moved the tomato and chilli plants from the conservatory to the greenhouse. It feels like they family members that have moved out, hubby has been constantly worrying about them and feels the need to check on their well-being constantly. He started them off in January on the conservatory windowsill. That’s three months of nurturing, care and daily checking on progress; I suppose it’s no wonder he is so attached to them.

I am excitedly watching the first salad crop growing in the tin baths. I reckon another week and I should be able to pick my first leaves!

I can’t start any more seeds until we plant some of the current ones outside; we did make a start on this at the weekend with planting out some purple sprouting broccolli plants out under the protection of fleece. I hope they are happy growing in their new home.

You may also notice the straw in the background; I managed to find the time to mulch around the strawberries – hooray! I have managed to do this before the strawberries are hanging off this year. It’s the small things that cheer me up like the fact that,  I am really looking forward to having a bumper strawberry harvest.

I only started my strawberry patch last year. I had a small strip to fill in the fruit cage (the former chicken run) and decided to plant in grow bags as the soil was full of stones and bits of concrete. They are much bigger plants this year and I am hoping they will do the job and produce lots of juicy strawberries. I even gave them an extra little  mulch of garden compost under the straw to spoil them so they know I will be deserving of their effort.

I planted a huge range of varieties with a view to spreading the cropping season. I have already planted up a few runners ready to replace these plants should they fail to thrive or get old and tired. I bet my hubby would like a few runner wives to replace me when I am old and tired too!

Finally, I have tried a few little lettuce plants outside but was sad to see something had eaten them completely.  There were just a few remaining plants, somewhat depleted,  that I think I have saved with the use of my plastic squash bottle cloches. I cut a hole in the bottom, enlarged the hole at the top and they make great economical protection for plants. I wish I had thought to use them sooner and I wouldn’t have lost my little lettuces.

It doesn’t look pretty but it does the job nicely.

Plans for this week include; making a runner bean frame,  sourcing a cucumber plant, (I seem to of grown about six gherkins and I am hoping to find someone who would like to swap so I get a good range of varieties),  and occupying the little people in the Easter holidays. Wish me luck!

Her x


6 responses to “Greenhouse and garden update

  1. We are so excited to get started planting. It’s too cold for most things here. Though the greenhouse is full of freshly planted seeds. Some of which are just poking through the soil.

    My husband does the same things with water bottles! On chilly nights he also uses the big water cooler jugs. We are doubling the size and output of our garden this year. Through trial and error we are learning.

    I’m glad you are blogging your garden, I’ll be watching it grow!

  2. I love the last photo: and for me too it’s the little things on the allotment that cheer me up: all the weed seedlings pulled up, or the beds edged.

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