Wild garlic, walks and wellington boots

This week we went on a lovely walk with seven children (not all of them ours), four dogs, two Mummies and a picnic. We went out of the back garden, across a field, up the lane, down a hill and into a wood – it’s a bit like going on a bear hunt. We are lucky enough to live in a very beautiful part of the world and we never have to go far to be in the middle of wonderful countryside.

Equipped with a picnic (usually eaten within the first half hour) , a coat (usually carried the whole way round by mum) and a pair of Wellington boots (usually very wet and muddy on return), we often spend our school holidays sat in a field, along a lane or on a park bench.

This week we stumbled upon an enormous sea of wild garlic. The children explored the smells and textures and took great delight in picking a few handfuls to take home.

In our family we all love garlic and add it to most dishes. Wild garlic has a particularly lovely flavour. It can be used ( very sparingly) in a green salad, added to a stir fry, used to flavour mayonaise or just to replace garlic in a recipe.

This is the perfect time for picking the leaves so if you are lucky enough to find some – give it a try. April is such a lean month for pickings from the veggie patch that it is great to be able to have something so fresh to add to dinner. It’s free food and you will feel a great sense of satisfaction for foraging your own food however little it actually adds to the main meal. You have to start somewhere!

Here’s a close up to help you identify wild garlic; it’s easy to pick out if you use your nose!

Her x


3 responses to “Wild garlic, walks and wellington boots

  1. Oh, to live near so much wild garlic! What a beautiful place a lovely post.

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