Flower gardens, chicken helpers and broken tools

At the start of the year I was determined to grow more flowers. The borders are full of shrubs and established plants and leave little room for annuals so, first of all, I needed to find some new ground. Our garden is already full but a little corner of the chicken orchard looked hopeful.

It only has a few extra fruit bushes  and some bridal’s veil growing. I had rescued the shrubs from the discount section of a garden centre when they were half dead – a habit of mine – and the berry bushes had popped up elsewhere and I thought I would stick them in here to see if they took – I hate throwing stuff on the compost heap.

The chickens love a bit of disturbed ground to scratch about in, so my poor plants have been badly abused; the roof tiles were to protect the roots and that the chickens kept exposing.

First job was to re-home the above plants. The berry bushes and tiles  moved to a different area of the orchard and the shrubs went to live in my shady border as they are happy in a shady spot.

Next, I recruited the whole family to dig, clear, collect stones and plan a fence. Hubby informs me this is a job for postcrete so the fence is an ongoing project, as we haven’t been to get any yet (plus it’s now pouring down so not ideal for that kind of thing anyway). Hubby has collections of old wood and useful ‘things’ around the garden, and managed to find some suitable sized bits of post and some chicken-wire to be the basis of my fence.

Finally, with the area cleared I have left the chicken helpers to do what they do best, scratch. After a rough dig over I have left the chickens to break up and clear the rest of the patch for me. The bonus being the ducks are rather partial to a slug snack.

They are very enthausiastic helpers, you can imagine now why I need the fence after I have planted up!

As an after-thought the positioning of my new flower garden should mean I should  have a beautiful view from the greenhouse this summer!

I am really pleased with my afternoon’s effort, the only casualty was my favourite fork. It just snapped clean in half. It will now have to go and join the tool graveyard in the shed. Hubby recons that when he retires he will fix them all…we shall see.

Her x


11 responses to “Flower gardens, chicken helpers and broken tools

  1. My hens were “helping” in the garden today too… only it was help I could have done without 😉 My poor flowers trying to come up, but oh well I like the eggs better 😉

    • WillowCottageGardeners

      We have had that kind of help before! Last year they kept getting into the veggie patch. They ate a complete crop of lettuce! lol I hope your flowers recover.

  2. I’ve been admiring your beautiful chickens, they are so helpful with digging over an area – I set mine to work on my future pumpkin patch recently. Shame about the fork, I also have a graveyard of tools at my allotment shed!

  3. I never knew until we had our own chickens just how much earth they can move with those little feet!! That’s a neat greenhouse, by the way.

    (Thank you for commenting on my blog! I love having a new blog to add to my Google Reader 🙂 )

    • WillowCottageGardeners

      Thanks – I was impressed by your chicken pictures, mine just won’t stay still!

      • I used the “burst” mode on my little point-n-shoot! On my old camera, it was the “sports” mode or something like that. If you hold the button down, it rapidly snaps picture after picture. That was my first time to use it and it worked great! With the regular mode I just end up with lots of blurry-chicken pictures ;-).

      • WillowCottageGardeners

        Thanks – I will give it a try!

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