Tin-bath salad pickings – long may they last!

There are splashes of green all over the greenhouse, showing that the seeds are germinating and the seedlings are growing fast. The weather has been dreary over the weekend but the previous warm weather has given everything a good boost.

Before you ask…yes, they are courgette plants and yes, there are over 20! Usually my seeds don’t germinate but this year they all of them did, and I was passed a few by my dad. I am planning on gift wrapping them as presents!

Looking the other way you get a full view of what we have growing. At this rate the floor space is running out.

We ate our first salad pickings this weekend. They made up the basis for a lovely goat cheese and parma ham salad. We are growing a salad mix – rocket, spinach and lettuce – from a giveaway a few years ago. If you use a magnifying glass you can spot the spring onions growing, not big enough to pick yet but showing signs of being tasty.

They have been happily growing in the old tin bath; great for warming the plants and boosting the growth.

Harvested salad…

Supplemented with chives and a little basil…


I have already started off some new lettuce plants to replace these and to put outside when the weather is a little warmer. I am growing Tom Thumb and Baby Gem again. I like these varieties as I find harvesting these mini lettuces easy, they don’t need much washing and a couple can be used up completely in one meal without having to keep leftover wilted bits in the fridge.

Already  looking forward to the next picking!

Her x


3 responses to “Tin-bath salad pickings – long may they last!

  1. Lots of wonderful plants there, but 20 courgettes?! Oh my better get the recipe books out! But having said that friends and family are very useful when it comes to sharing the excesses of our gardens 🙂

  2. Everything looks great! Our greenhouse plants are just sprouting now. They have a way to go yet.

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