The veggie patch has beanpoles…

As we are in the middle of the Easter hols I had low expectations of achieving much in the garden. With three tiddlers to entertain – it’s hard to find time for the mounting household chores, let alone the fun stuff in the garden.

So far, though,  I have been pleasantly surprised. If you have been reading my posts you will know that the flower garden is underway, the greenhouse is looking good and now, I am pleased to report, the veggie patch has bean poles.

Hubby collected these sticks a few years ago from the lovely people down at the Lower Woods nature reserve which looked after by the Avon Wildlife Trust. The woods there have been coppiced for thousands of years and now they sell coppiced bean poles and pea sticks for a very reasonable price – with the money going back into looking after the reserve.  The bean poles are traditional, local and much better-looking than bamboo canes. More importantly still – they’ve travelled a few miles rather than being shipped for thousands – which surely has to be more sustainable, even if they need replacing every few years.

Our poles are tied together at the top with garden twine and braced with extra supports along the ‘A’ shape. Last year we had a circular structure, this year we thought we’d grow them in a double-row with sweet peas intermingled. This should aid pollination and look pretty too. Personally I think veggie patches should be beautiful as well as productive.

Sounds silly I know, but there is something special about the appearance of the bean poles. Their arrival in the veg patch marks the changing season – the arrival of Spring propper – when my tiny shoots start to come of age.

Hubby also planted three rows of pink fir potatoes – my favourite – and I managed to put in broad beans, radish and more chive plants. It may not look much now but give it a few months….happy days!

Her x


5 responses to “The veggie patch has beanpoles…

  1. I’m loving those bean poles, as you say, much nicer looking than the usual bamboo canes. Your veg patch is looking great already!

    • WillowCottageGardeners

      Thanks Karen, I’m really pleased with the progress so far. I think it helps that my children are all that much bigger – they can occupy themselves a bit and they like helping!

  2. Definitely happy days! And you are right about the bean poles, they do herald the start of the new season

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