I’m making meringues to make a dent in my egg mountain.

You may wonder what has become of my huge egg mountain….well, we made meringues!

My Big Girl and I spent a lovely morning churning out meringues of all shapes and sizes. It was a basic two eggs whites to 2 oz of sugar mix and, of course, we used eight egg whites as I needed to make at least a small dent in the egg pile. We baked the small ones for 40 mins and the larger ones for 70 mins in a preheated oven at 150°c.

So much fun can be had with a piping bag –  Big Girl is rather nifty with the piping bag and loves to ice cupcakes. She had a go at making meringue butterflies, flowers and regular swirls.

After a while we thought we would explore further with the addition of a little food colouring introduced to the piping bag through a straw. This gave a lovely pink stripe to our meringues as they appeared out of the piping bag.

With a particular dessert in mind I also piped tiny little swirls, some with a pink stripe and some with a flaked almond to the top.

They keep really well in an airtight container. Mine have not lasted a week as they have made tasty additions to yoghurt, cream, fruit or my lemon dessert creation.  I will try to find time to tell you more about the lemon dessert tomorrow.

Her x


9 responses to “I’m making meringues to make a dent in my egg mountain.

  1. One of the many things I miss about England!

  2. Love the blog. What have you done with the yolk mountain?

  3. Love this – especially the swirls! Can’t wait to try it myself…

  4. These look fun! (And tasty, too!)

  5. Your meringues are beautiful! (The one time I’ve made red-striped meringues, the process was so pretty that I got teary-eyed!) Yours are even more beautiful, and the almond ones look lovely, too.

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