Homemade lemon puddings – great for a dinner party!

So, here goes…

Mix 80z mascarpone, 60z of creme fraiche, 30z caster sugar with the rind and juice of two lemons and a little vanilla extract. Place in a piping bag and fill a glass or a little pot half full.

Then add a layer of good quality lemon curd and continue piping.

I have used a selection of shot glasses.

Next, make a basic sponge mix and add the rind of one lemon, lemon extract and bake in a tin. When it was cooked I poured over a lemon syrup while the cake is still warm ( caster sugar heated with the juice of two lemons until sugar has dissolved). Then after cooling I cut out little circles with a scone cutter.

I had a few blackcurrants left in the freezer – these were heated with sugar to taste and passed through a sieve to make a sauce.

Next, it’s all in the assembly…do you remember those tiny meringues I made to use up eggs? They fit perfectly on the top of the lemon pots and the pink-swirl ones on a mini fruit salad.

Ta-da! What do you think? I did these for a dinner party and there was nothing left. ..not even a smear of sauce.  It was all in the preparation and the assembly was really quick. I would make these again – in fact I did make another batch of the lemon mascarpone mix for the children – yum!

Her x


3 responses to “Homemade lemon puddings – great for a dinner party!

  1. Wow…. they look absolutely lovely! I especially like the little sponge 🙂

  2. Beautiful! It looks so fancy!

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