Here’s my homemade water butt to help with hosepipe ban

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages now, but the threat of a hosepipe ban finally got my butt in gear (sorry) to sort out another water butt for our garden. We have one already – we bought it about ten years ago now – but we have space for another and, given the pending drought and the fact that it’s just a good thing to do anyway,  it seems to make sense to get another.

Then I looked at the price. I couldn’t believe how expensive a plastic drum with a little tap is….and that’s just the small ones. And then it’s another £15 for a plastic stand to put it on. Yikes! My thriftiness gene simply couldn’t cope with all this – which is when I started exploring the homemade alternatives.

Firstly, I managed to get my hands on a second-hand plastic drum from a local junk shop.

Plastic barrel

Plastic barrel I picked up from junk store

Handy, but not a freak as it looks just like this one on ebay.   Then I picked up a little tap (also on ebay) for the bargain price of £1.65 plus postage. I had a 22mm drill bit which was a little larger than I would have liked, but small enough that it shouldn’t leak once fitted. After employing the smallest one in the family as holder-in-chief and wriggling inside to tighten the nut, it was a very speedy job done. Some old broken bricks are standing in for the plastic stand; a bit rickety but they should do the job. And here’s the finished article, for a cut price £15.

Homemade water butt

Homemade water butt

It’s already filling up nicely, thanks to a few downpours this week, though I wish I’d had a few more brinks to raise it up a bit. Ho-hum! Happy watering ahead!



2 responses to “Here’s my homemade water butt to help with hosepipe ban

  1. attemptinggreen

    Very nice! I was just looking at supplies yesterday to make one. i never thought about checking on ebay!

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