SOS! What is wrong with our tomato plants?

We started our tomato plants off in the conservatory and about six weeks ago and then moved them to the greenhouse at the start of April. They were looking beautifully green and healthy last week. But at the weekend I noticed that they had started going yellow. The bottom leaves are getting worse but the top growth is still lovely and green. What is wrong with them?

I have consulted the books, looked it up online, read a few blogs and still I am not sure. I have been letting them dry out before watering so  I don’t think it is over or under watering.  I bought some Epsom Salts and used as a foliar spray and added a bit to the pots too, so I don’t think it is a magnesium deficiency.

Could it be a virus? It has been rather cold this week and we have a broken window in the greenhouse, would they do this if they got a bit chilly at night?

We feel sad that out little seedlings are sick and I just don’t know what to do to help them. It would be so dissappointing to start again. Can anyone offer some advice?

Her x


11 responses to “SOS! What is wrong with our tomato plants?

  1. Hello, sorry to hear about your tom concerns. It is really frustrating when something like that happens. We feed ours with Tomorite when they are that size and would pot them on as they are getting to a good size. I don’t know if that’ll help but my fingers are crossed for you!

  2. My hubs, who is the veggie gardener in our household, said it looked like too much nitrogen from the plant food. He said, “tomatoes do best if you plant ’em and leave ’em alone” =).

    He said what he does with our seedling transplants is plant them in regular dirt into which he mixes a handful of our compost. (Before we had a compost bin, he didn’t add in anything.)

    Because of my allergy to corn and corn derivatives, it’s not safe for us to use anything other than our own compost. But that’s all we used even before finding out about my corn allergy last summer, and we always have good luck growing things (well, until the Texas summer heat and lack of rain kicks in good-n-hard!). Oh, and by “we”, I mean “my hubby” ;-).

  3. Um, by “our own compost”, I mean food scraps & leaves that we add to our compost bin. I thought it might sound questionable the way it was phrased up there LOL.

  4. Hi there. I hate it when the plants we tend from seed get sick. They are supposed to look all green and lush like the ones in magazines! I had a couple of thoughts for you.
    One could be that maybe you are letting the soil dry out too much between watering, because they look like quite small pots and potting soil has this annoying tendency to become water repellent if it dries out too much and cant absorb any water – no matter how much you pour on it. Putting the entire pot in a bucket of water and leaving it there until long after the bubbles stop can fix this.
    Also if the pots are too small then maybe the plants have used everything up? Repot into bigger pots – and bury them deeper up the stem so it can form extra roots to help make the plant stronger…
    or it could be mites – common in greenhouses apparently – check under the leaves. ….
    or it could be the changeable weather – that actually has a lot to answer for!
    Hope this helps…
    Cheers Sarah : o )

    • WillowCottageGardeners

      Thanks Sarah, I will check for mites and watering today. I think I may have to pot them on and still what happens.

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