When the garden gate is left open…the chickens will feast!

My seven year old son left the gate open to the vegetable garden this week. It was a mistake that was discovered about six hours later, unfortunately,  after the chickens and ducks had been on a veggie visit…

The veggie patch was beginning to take shape and I was pleased with the progress; the tiny plants were beginning to peak through the soil.  They are no more. The chickens and ducks had a wonderful afternoon scratching, digging, pecking and dust-bathing.

The baby salad leaves that were peaking through have gone, the broad bean seedlings have gone, and my spinach and lettuce plants protected by the bottle cloches just did not have enough protection against the mighty chickens.

All that was left was a bare patch…

They all looked very pleased with themselves as I looked at their afternoon’s work. The scratching and soil-turning skills that I had been delighted with when they were helping clear a patch of land for flowers had been deployed on my beautiful veggie garden.

At least the greenhouse door was shut! That devestation would of probably made me cry.

There was nothing for it but to lecture the kids (again) on keeping the gate shut, fix the damage in the veggie patch and look forward to the eggs that the chickens and ducks would be laying following their nutritious feast.

A few plants were past saving. My only surviving purple sprouting broccoli plant for one.  I will be surprised if it manages to put on enough growth to give me another picking. It was looking so good.

At least it was early in the seaon. The lesson has hopefully been learned over the loss of a few plants rather than a whole season’s growth – like last year!

Her x



12 responses to “When the garden gate is left open…the chickens will feast!

  1. How very disappointing – if only we could train chickens not to go near the veg patch!

  2. Ohhhhh deaaaarrrrr! They do look very pleased with themselves and I was also thinking about those tasty eggs to come. As you say, it’s still early and things can be put right.

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry this happened. Thank goodnes it was early on. Now I ave to find out what happened last year.

  4. Oh, no :(. Ours have managed to get over the chicken wire into our raised beds a couple times, but we’ve managed to notice quick enough before too much destruction happened. They really CAN do so much damage in such a short amount of time. I’m glad your greenhouse door was closed!

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  6. My hens got out and dug up/ trampled on/ thoroughly ruined my irises! Lesson learned here too!

    Leanne x

  7. your broccoli will resprout if you leave it in the ground and water it good.

  8. attemptinggreen

    Have you had a craving for chicken soup lately? Just kidding. Sorry for your loss.

  9. I’m sorry that your naughty chickens ruined your garden but as others have said it it early enough to start again. I’m happy to have found your blog through Claire but wish I had discovered it during a more pleasant gardening experience.

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