Wild garlic pesto – always a winner for dinner!

We are still lucky enough to find wild garlic in the woods around where we live and I have managed to take the children out on a walk to collect some. The carrot at the end of the stick was the promise of fresh pesto for dinner. It is a firm favourite in our house and everyone loves it.

I have been very adventurous with the pesto recipes lately and have tried walnut and parsley, almond and rocket, basil and sunflower seed, as well as wild garlic and pinenut.

Last year I blogged about my green soup recipe and it just follows the same principle; it does not seem to matter what I put in the pesto as long as it ends up green and it always taste fresh and garlickly.

This week’s recipe had the foraged wild garlic, pinenuts, olive oil, parmesan and a squeeze of lemon.  The children asked for more garlic next time but ate up every last bit.

To save on washing up, and to bulk out the meal, I add some veg to the pasta when it’s cooking. This time we had broccoli florets and frozen peas. It all looked very green on the plate.

It’s great to make use of parsley, rocket and wild garlic at this time of the year as  garden pickings are a little bare (especially after our chicken’s escapades).  I can usually find these items in my garden or round-abouts and think it is much better to try and eat seasonally.

Her x


2 responses to “Wild garlic pesto – always a winner for dinner!

  1. What a lovely green color…the pasta looks great.

  2. This looks FAB! I used to make a vegan pesto with walnut, but this looks lovely and light! If I come across a patch of wild garlic I definitely won’t walk past!

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