Tomato plant first aid – mother knows best.

A few weeks ago, I posted about my poorly tomato plants (thank you for all the helpful comments). They looked so miserable with their yellow droopy leaves and I had made various attempts to revive them to no avail.

Poorly plants…

Then…my mother visited.  After looking at my poorly plants she declared that she was not surprised as it was far too cold at night in my greenhouse and they would be happier living in the conservatory for a few more weeks.  I took note, as soon as she had left, naturally, and moved all 27 of the tomato plants up to the house.

A few weeks later they are looking much better. They have lovely, green new growth and they are getting very tall.

Tomatoes looking much healthier. Still a few yellow lower leaves but all top growth green and healthy.

In fact, they are now worrying me how well they are growing. I will need to put them out in a grow bag very soon. What do I do if it is still too cold in the greenhouse? I didn’t think it was too cold for them before but they have definitely improved with a warmer environment. I think maybe it was just too cold at night and too hot in the day, so the variation in temperature was huge.

The low temperature in our greenhouse has been partly due to a missing piece of glass. Last winter,  a gust of wind blew the window open, flipping it over the top, and smashed the window pane; we just hadn’t got round to fixing it.  I am pleased to report that I have been today to a glass supplier with the measurements and got a replacement piece for the window. I now just need Hubby to fix it. I hope this happens sooner rather than later as the thought of homing all 27 of my tomato vines in the house much longer is daunting.

Her x


10 responses to “Tomato plant first aid – mother knows best.

  1. Yay for Mom! I’ve been bringing mine it at night as well, just too chilly at night yet.

  2. Glad to see they’re looking better! I started mine later than I usually do this year, still very small and not taking up too much room. They’re spending more time inside the house than in the greenhouse at the moment, it’s so cold and damp out there 😦

  3. Thank goodness they are doing better. My husbands puts a small heater in our greenhouse on very cold nights. It seems to have worked so far. Our tomato plants are so tiny compared to yours!

  4. I got here via Promanade Plantings and stayed awhile. A good long while! Guess I had better sign up, because I like what you’re doing! ~ Lynda

  5. My goodness, they have become triffids haven’t they!? I started mine late, but I don’t have a greenhouse, so ultimately they must go outside and I can’t do that until late May at the earliest. I sympathise with your space dilemma, we all seem to suffer from it, no mater how much or little we grow!

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  7. They are looking lovely and healthy! You might want to do a plant shuffle – outside in the day time and in at night to help them harden off. If not maybe some fleece aroound them to give them some extra warmth. Happy growing 🙂

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