Mini lemon drizzle cakes… great for those mini indulgent moments!

For those of you wh0 read reguarly, you will know that as my egg mountain increases I try to find new ways to use them up. This usually ends with a baking session. Sometimes I only have an hour before picking the children up from school and I look to make something that will be mixed, baked and on a cooling tray in that time.  This week I set out to make some butterfly cakes and ended up making some lovely mini lemon drizzle cakes.

I mixed up a basic sponge batter and filled 12 cake cases. As they were cooking I thought I would mix up some butter icing only to find that we had run out of icing sugar.  The mother of invention is neccessity, as I had nothing else in I thought I would make a quick lemon syrup, (juice and zest of one lemon and two tbs caster sugar, heated over a low heat until the sugar dissolves).

When the cakes came out of the oven, I spooned the lemon syrup over each mini cake. It soaked into the hot cakes quickly and bathed the little sponges in lovely lemony lushness.  A quick sprinkle of sugar on the top completed decoration and I can report they were a big hit in my house. Just the right size for an after-school snack. I will definetly be making them again.

Her x


3 responses to “Mini lemon drizzle cakes… great for those mini indulgent moments!

  1. I have egg envy and cake envy too right now! They look VERY yummy, I bet those eggs are tasty too after the girls robbed you of your veg!

  2. I love anything lemon. They do look yummy.

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