All this hardening off is very hard work!

The time has come when all my little seedlings are growing up and getting ready to leave the cosy comfort of the greenhouse. Well, actually, they are partly being evicted as I want the room for my tomato plants.  The weather is still cool but as we head into May it is gradually warming up. As my little seedlings have been used to the greenhouse environment I need to acclimatise them to the outdoor conditions.  In practise this means taking them outdoors in the daytime and back again at night for a few days. This is easier said then done as I have quite a few trays of seedlings. It seems to take the whole family about 15 mins of passing, tripping over seed trays and arranging to get them all out in the morning, and then we repeat this process again at night.

I know all the benefits of hardening off but part of me wants to just plant them out and see what happens. I feel like a neglectful parent even admitting that, but I am frustrated by the fetching and carrying every morning and night!

You may wonder why I have hostas in the greenhouse. Well, they are all growing in pots. Early spring I put them in to give them a good start. After hardening off I use the bushy little plants to fill any gaps in the flower borders, the pots just slip in and are unseen from a distance.  Then next year I bring them back to the greenhouse and start again. I have a rogue duck that escapes the orchard and enjoys spending time in the flower borders. I think she does a great job of de-slugging the garden so I can manage to grow beautiful silky hostas every year.

Well, I had better go and recruit the family for the moving plant palaver!

Her x


6 responses to “All this hardening off is very hard work!

  1. Everything looks great. I love your greenhouse. Nice!

  2. WOW! You have enough to start a nursery! I don’t have a glass greenhouse yet so everything is being raised in a little plastic greenhouse. This means that the plants have to leave home quicker than I’d like as there is a space issue… it’s been a bit dicey with the frosts lately but most things have survived my woeful neglect. Love your hostas, they’re fab!

  3. What a great idea with the hostas!

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  5. The things we do for our plants, eh? I get laughed at for moving seedlings about the room “chasing” the sun patches…not nearly as much work as this. Well done recruiting the whole family to help!

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