Strawberry and vanilla butterfly cupcakes

The Big Girl (age 9) decided to make some cakes today. She recruited help from Little Girl (age 5).  I find that in these situations, I am best out of the way. I worry that they will make a mess, break things or hurt themselves. In reality they have fun, enjoy the independence and produce some amazing results!

Today did not disappoint…

Hubby was so impressed with the girl’s organisational skills that he thought he would record what they did.

Her x


4 responses to “Strawberry and vanilla butterfly cupcakes

  1. Put me down as Impressed. Those are beautiful, but having seen the Easter cake, I see where the talent comes from!

    • WillowCottageGardeners

      Thank you! The girls are really pleased I blogged their cakes. I just can’t help being proud!

  2. Butterfly cakes always remind me of birthdays as a kid, a bit special. and these certainly look very special !

  3. Your girls have done a great job… the cakes would look good in a fancy cake shop window. Mmmm!!

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