Pros and cons of cutting grass in the dark

We’ve been away for the weekend and have come back to the garden looking like a miniature jungle. It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been gone for 48 hours; the grass is about six inches longer in places, and the dandelions are in full bloom, ready to spread their nasty little seeds all over the veg patch.

So, having survived the Monday in the office after a tiring weekend, read to the girls, waited for the boy to come back from cubs, and finally persuaded the little one that it’s OK to go to sleep, even when it’s still light, I headed out into the garden.

Now, from previous pictures, you will have noticed that we have quite a bit of grass in our garden. The chickens and ducks do their best to keep the grass short in their area, but even that needs a going-over, even if it’s just to vacuum up their messes. In all, I reckon I can get the grass cut in about an hour, maybe a little more. Which, when you’re starting out at 8.30 or there abouts, doesn’t really leave much light. So, here are my pros and cons to help all future mowers in the dark.


  • After eight hours in meetings, it’s great to get outdoors and achieve something useful
  • It’s great to know that, come the weekend, the lawn will be done and I’ll be free to do more interesting jobs in the garden
  • The kids will be able to play in the garden tomorrow and we’ll know that there won’t be any incidents with dog poo that is hidden in the long grass.


  • After eight hours in meetings, no matter how good the idea seems at first, it’s bloody tiring getting outdoors and trying to achieve something
  • It’s impossible to see when you’re going wonky or missing tufts of grass. I never have ‘Wembley stripes’ in the lawn, but I could easily end up spending time fixing ‘messes’ over the weekend.
  • It is impossible to see dog poo that is hidden in the long grass in the near dark. It smells particularly bad when ‘strimmed’
  • Risk of serious injury due to operator error enhanced significantly. My toe hurts.
  • Ducks are irrationally excited by presence of grass clippings in their area before bedtime. They needed chasing to get them into their house.

It’s dark now, so this post is going to have to wait until tomorrow for a picture – only then will I know whether I’ve managed to achieve something like a Wembley turf, or a wonky stubble patch instead.


PS. here’s the result….

Not quite Wembley

Not quite Wembley


3 responses to “Pros and cons of cutting grass in the dark

  1. I love our lawn but it is a nuisance to maintain…. especially when it always to be raining at weekends and dry when I’m at work! My most frustrating moment was when the lawn mower broke down half way through the job… and fox poo is bad too!

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