Camping weekend – foccacia, free range kids and fields!

We have just spent a wonderful weekend camping. I suppose you could say we are getting in some practice fot this summer when we plan to live in the garden while we have some building works completed!

We didn’t go far from home – in fact about a 20min car drive away. It was a fantastic eco-friendly site called Thistledown. I would highly recommend the site and, after a two night break, I could have stayed all week instead of coming home.

The kids enjoyed having the freedom to run around and explore. We all enjoyed the views and the campfire cooking – some of you may know that we are fond of campfires in our garden. I think having a campfire makes a huge difference to the whole campimg experience and we are lucky to live near a site with such fabulous facilities.

Here’s a few of our favourite campfire moments:

Foccacia cooking on an open fire…

Lovely burgers cooking…

A roaring fire that kept us warm …

Toasting marshmallows…

We have already booked to go again later this year!

Her x


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