Sunny dayz are here at last…here’s the latest pics

It’s been one of those all-too-rare weekends where the sun is shining and, apart from the three children’s parties for drop-off and pick-up in one day, not a lot else to do.

Most of the time, this kind of ‘not a lot else to do’ situation ends up being just as exhausting as a full-on project, what with all the little bits of garden pottering. But, having crocked my ankle playing football during the week, the doctor has ordered me to put my feet up for the weekend at least; and who am I to argue? (Another reason getting the grass cut early was worth it!)

So, enjoying the sunshine, I hobbled round the garden taking lots of pictures of the things that have burst into bloom over the last week or so.

Clematis montana Here’s the clematis in flower

Clematis montana in full bloom

…and with friends.

Daisy survivors
Daisies that survived the mowing this week.

Veg plot

Chives in bloom – Bob the scarecrow is doing a good job, judging by how well the other stuff is growing.

Chive baloon festival

Chives from an interesting angle…

Chive flower top down

and another.

Beans and sweet peas - companion planting

Bit of comapnion planting – runner beans and sweet peas…will see how that works this year.

Cow parsley

And behind the hedge…Cow parsley looking terrific in the Summer sun.

So, another sunny day beckons in the garden – and another excuse to put my feet up and just enjoy the garden for a change, rather than being lured into the never-ending list of jobs.



One response to “Sunny dayz are here at last…here’s the latest pics

  1. Living in the garden sounds exciting. You will be close to all the beautiful nature. I really like those chive pictures…so pretty!

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