Look at my asparagus – they only went and bloomin’ grew!!!

I thought long and hard about trying to grow asparagus again this year. I thought about all the pros and cons and decided to give it one last go. I read the books, watched planting demos online and even watched carefully when Gardener’s World planted some. I bought some half-price plants back in April and, after carefully planting my crowns, willed them to grow.

I have been watching for any signs of growth and, after some friendly blog advice, uncovered them slightly and filled the soil in gradually over the course of a few weeks. I have never spent so much time pandering to my plants but I felt the mighty asparagus deserved lots of attention if this was to be my last attempt at growing it.

Well, you can imagine my delight when I stroll around the veggie patch and spot my first ever tiny asparagus spears!

Don’t they look gorgeous? I am so very proud of the little darlings.

The sad news is that as these are from one-year-old crowns I still have to wait a while before harvesting and eating the spears.

The good news is that as they grew this year, they will be much stronger next year and I am well on my way to a bountiful harvest in two years time!

Her x


7 responses to “Look at my asparagus – they only went and bloomin’ grew!!!

  1. Congratulations! Very exciting! I’ve got my one-year-old crowns in too – do you think we can wait a whole year for a few spears?! 🙂

    • WillowCottageGardeners

      They had better be worth it! I have never fussed over a vegetable so much. I am already looking forward to my future bumper harvest!

  2. I have asparagus envy! My spears haven’t been terribly enthusiastic and they look really pathetic. I will persevere for another year but will have to think carefully about continuing to dedicate a whole bed to them in future! Congratulations on your fine looking crop… they’ll be worth the wait!

  3. I got my first spears this year too! It’s really hard resisting the temptation to try. Just one. One tiny spear…

  4. their beautiful! If you don’t them for two or three years and let them develop, they’ll eventually produce more than you can eat! It’s so worth the wait!!

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    Thanks for sharing.

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