Garden art – alphabets, buddha heads and gargoyles

The recent good weather has encouraged the garden into bloom and as I walked around it today, I thought how lucky we were to have such beautiful things to look at. We have collected a random lot of objects to live in our garden over the years. Some were presents, some were found and some were made. Car-boot sales, house clearances and second-hand stores are all great places to look for interesting items for the garden. I think they add interest and make it our own – I thought I would share a few with you.

The Green Man

The Gargoyles

My favourite – a rusting steel alphabet. These are available from  I think it looks great in the old picture frame hanging on the patio.

My patio

The Buddha

The Lady

The mirror

Her x


6 responses to “Garden art – alphabets, buddha heads and gargoyles

  1. I can see why you like the alphabet!

  2. Your space and decor is so nice. I love everything!

  3. You have a great collection. I’m slowly collecting things myself, mostly saved from skips and garden clearances…

    • WillowCottageGardeners

      I love things when they come with history. I will take more ntice of skips. Thanks for the tip!

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