Flowering strawberry plants

My strawberry plants are covered with flowers. As they grow in grow bags, I have made sure I have watered them through the warm spell we have recently had. They look well and promise a bumper harvest. I planted at least six varieties last year, hoping to spread the glut. The most unusual is a variety with red flowers. I think it is called Tapan.  Can anyone confirm that?

Last year they were just settling in so didn’t produce much. They seem happy enough in grow bags. I added a mulch of homemade compost in spring and a layer of straw to keep them clean. I am hoping that, as this is their second summer, these plants will crop well.

I hope I have so many strawberries that I can make jam – that is if they survive the kids!

Her x


5 responses to “Flowering strawberry plants

  1. I’ve never heard of any strawberry plant having another color. How interesting!

  2. Hope you have lots of berries soon! I’m curious, what’s a grow bag?

    • WillowCottageGardeners

      Grow bags are plastic bags of compost. They are rectangular and flat so you can use them as planters. I am growing my tomato plants in them too. Have a look at my greenhouse pictures and you will see what they look like. I am also very excited about lots of berries! I hope we have a bumper harvest! Her x

  3. Lots of flowers so hopefully it will be a good strawberry year for you, how delicious!! I’ve grown them in window boxes before now and they’ve done well, but this year I extended my fruit beds, so I don’t think I’l get a great crop this year.

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