My top ten ways to use up extra eggs

There are times in the year when we seem to be drowning in eggs. As we are currently collecting approx. 70 eggs a week, I have had to be creative in how I deal with them.  Over winter we hardly eat eggs as I am not keen on buying them and it gives us an egg-free break! Also, our eggs are just so lovely, the shop-bought ones just don’t match up.

I hope this list may supply some ideas if you are also in the same situation. I would love to hear any further tips that you have.

1. Take some into your place of work and offer them for sale.

I sell mine for £1 for six. People are always keen to buy them as they are much better than shop-bought eggs.  I ask people to save egg boxes for me but have been known to give people eggs in an Easter egg box, old Lego boxes and carrier bags.

2. Give them as gifts.

They make a great give if you pop round to a friend’s house for coffee. They look great in an ordinary cardboard box tied up with a piece of ribbon. They are always gratefully received. I have even donated eggs to the school pledge auction – they sold really well!

3. Supply friends & family.

Ask friends and family members if they would like a regular supply of eggs. As we don’t always have eggs over winter, I find family are always understanding that you can’t supply regularly. My mother enjoys collecting her own eggs every week when she comes round to look after the children.

4. Plan eggs into the weekly menu.

Try to have at least one egg based main meal during the week. This could be tortilla, quiche or omelette.  This is economical as we have eggs in already, a great way to use up leftovers (anything can go in a tortilla!), and saves on shopping.

5. Encourage the children to eat more eggs.

In our house the littlest member is currently proclaiming that she only likes the white of eggs. I still give her eggs. She has hard-boiled egg white and the others eat her yolk. She does like egg when the yolk and white are mixed together. Eggy bread is a massive hit along with cheese quiche and cheese or chorizo omelette.

6. Make eggs a breakfast option.

We usually have eggs for weekend family breakfasts. This will usually take the form of eggy bread or poached eggs on toast – little girl has poached egg white on toast!

7. Bake cakes.

I usually bake every week. I like a bit hearty sponge as it uses lots of eggs!I find varying the after school snack option keeps the children interested. A piece of fruit and a slice of cake usually keep them going until tea time! All family celebration cakes are homemade. I have even baked cakes for fundraisers and as prizes for fundraising raffles.

Meringues are a great favourite. Easy to make and experiment with. A meringue making session is a wonderful activity for children.

8. Add eggs to salads.

Hubby often takes a salad to work.  This is currently made up of salad from our garden, leftovers from dinner and a hard-boiled egg! It adds protein and keeps you fuller for longer. I boil up a batch of hard-boiled eggs and keep them ready in the fridge. I try to use the older eggs for boiling as it’s really tricky to peel boiled fresh eggs.

9. Buy an egg slicer.

These are funny little gadgets, I picked mine up at a vintage fair. It’s from the 1970s, made from melamine and is bright orange. It hs multiple pieces of cheese wire that slice the eggs into about 10 neat slices. This greatly improves presentation and thus the chances of family members eating more eggs. It also is a great way to only provide the littlest family member with just egg white!

10. Offer hard-boiled eggs as a side order with  meals.

It may not make up the main meal but a side order of hard-boiled egg is usually offered alongside baked potatoes, pesto pasta, tomato pasta, salads, sandwiches and pittas.

I hope someone finds this useful!

Her x


3 responses to “My top ten ways to use up extra eggs

  1. Don’t forget angel food cake – making one of those uses gobs of eggs and they are wonderful with fresh fruits or heated jams on them too!

  2. don’t peel a hard boiled egg…cut in half with a sharp knife and scoop out with a spoon. I’m married 50 years and just figured this out!

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