Willow cottage gardeners are pleased to annouce the arrival of our first red tomato!

This rainy weather has been upsetting the greenhouse. We are finding that this year growth seems to be slow and spindly. Despite this we are pleased to announce the arrival of our first red tomato!

This is a plum variety called Roma. We are very proud parents and hope to have many more to follow this one.

The greenhouse looks very different to this time last year.

I feel that I am still waiting for it to grow. The tomato plants are covered in flowers but look very ‘thin’ despite a weekly feed. Any suggestions from fellow gardeners on why this is?

Maybe it is these ‘organic’ grow bags, or the cool temperatures or something else.

I am sad to say that my cucumbers died. They were looking so good and then they were attacked by black fly. I thought I would spray them with some soap mix. I must have mixed it up too strong as the next day they were past recovery. I have managed to source a couple more plants that I will put in and watch what happens. It is sad to see empty grow bag space…

Her x


5 responses to “Willow cottage gardeners are pleased to annouce the arrival of our first red tomato!

  1. You are very rightly proud parents! Roma is a great tomato to grow, and you are way ahead of me, mine are still stubbornly green.
    Spindly growth… hmmm… poor compost, poor light and cool temps. I think probably the compost, but I don’t know for sure.

  2. Congratulations! It looks lovely… unfortunately, mine are all still green 🙂
    My indoor chilli plants were attacked by white fly so I moved them outside (I thought death by soggy weather was preferable to death by bugs!) and within a couple of minutes the ladybirds were happily feasting and they look great now – although I’m not anticipating any chillies!

  3. Mine are still green! Congrats on the reddy! I think the poor weather has been a hinderance this year, mine just didn’t seem to be getting enough light…outside!!!

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