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Boy’s 8th birthday campfire party

When the boy turned eight whilst we were living in the garden, it was only natural to hold a campfire birthday party for him. It seems so long ago now but the evening was fantastic and the boys all loved it.

We had a birthday tent for sleeping…

We had a campfire tea and breakfast. This was cooked mainly by the boys: some had only ever seen a BBQ before so looked quite startled when we told them to make a fire if they were hungry.

They toasted marshmallows on the campfire too.

We went on a night hike with torches. The boys ran off loads of steam and were tired out when we got back and certainly ready for bed.

We had a donut cake tower for supper and everyone was asleep by 9.30pm.

It was a great concept for a party and one we will all remember for a long time. Partly because of the building work, partly because it was so different, and partly because the boys loved it so much.

Her x


My weekend top 10

In no particular order…

1. Decorating our Easter tree with the Little People.

2. A wonderful birthday party for the youngest member of the family.

3. A lovely BBQ with friends.

4. A campfire evening to warm us up after a lovely day in the garden, complete with toasted marshmallows.

5. The first switch-on of the outdoor garden patio lights.

6. Lots of family time spent having Easter egg hunts, chick hunts (toy chicks, not real ones; that’s another story because yes,  it really happened one year!) and games in the garden.

7. My chickens making use of the campfire area as a dust bath. This was this afternoon and the ashes were quite cold!

8. Having leftover birthday cake for afternoon tea in the garden today.

9.Making good use of this old sun lounger that I rescued from being throw out by a neighbour last week. It has become a family favourite and makes for a very comfy sit-down after the garden jobs have been done.

10. Making good progress in the garden. Everyone helped to tidy up the chicken area, plant out purple sprouting broccoli, spread compost and complete many other jobs.

All in, it has been a fantastic weekend.

Her x