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Boy’s 8th birthday campfire party

When the boy turned eight whilst we were living in the garden, it was only natural to hold a campfire birthday party for him. It seems so long ago now but the evening was fantastic and the boys all loved it.

We had a birthday tent for sleeping…

We had a campfire tea and breakfast. This was cooked mainly by the boys: some had only ever seen a BBQ before so looked quite startled when we told them to make a fire if they were hungry.

They toasted marshmallows on the campfire too.

We went on a night hike with torches. The boys ran off loads of steam and were tired out when we got back and certainly ready for bed.

We had a donut cake tower for supper and everyone was asleep by 9.30pm.

It was a great concept for a party and one we will all remember for a long time. Partly because of the building work, partly because it was so different, and partly because the boys loved it so much.

Her x


Birthday cake – Big Girl’s 10th birthday!

Birthday cakes in our house are long thought about creations that the birthday child gets to choose.

Last year’s cake had a long story behind it. It was a wonderful creation produced by a lovely friend. This year it was going to be hard to beat it, so I didn’t even try, I just let my daughter decorate her cake herself. She did a wonderful job and the end result was fantastic.

We had bought some food colouring pens that provided the initial idea.  We made a chocolate cake and iced it with a plain ready roll icing. The rest was up to her…

She was so careful and creative. It was a wonderful way to involve her in the party preparations and the other children have already requested a decorate- your-own cake for their next birthday!

She also made some thank you party biscuits to give out at the end of the party.

It was a great day and a great way to celebrate a 10th birthday!

Her x

Homemade birthday party thank you biscuits

We have just celebrated a 10th birthday in our house. It was fab and the Big Girl absolutely loved it. She particularly loved getting involved in the preparation for the party. I thought I would share some of our ideas.

These are chocolate chip biscuits with a cut out of ready roll white icing stuck on with apricot jam.  They are decorated with some fantastic food colouring pens.  My daughter enjoyed making these all herself!

These are the food colouring felt tip pens. I am not a big fan of food colouring usually but as it’s a party, I thought a little couldn’t hurt!

After decorating they were packaged in little cellophane bags ready to give out to the guests at home-time.

Even the rest of the family wanted to have a go…

In fact you could use this idea to make biscuits for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter or just as gifts.

Happy making!

Her x

Party ideas for a girl’s 10th birthday party

Birthday’s can be a really tricky to get right. I really like a good home party and have put together a list of things we recently did at my daughters 10th party. It was a huge success and we have had loads of requests for a repeat next year. The party lasted two hours and we filled the time perfectly.

Meet and greet over fruit cocktails.
We printed out a menu and the girls enjoyed mixing up their own drinks.

We provided plenty of juice and mixers for the cocktails.

We provided water play in the garden.
We had a water slide that you plug into the hose pipe. This provided endless fun. It was helped along by some washing-up liquid to make it extra slippery!

We ate party food.

After a few savoury snacks we provided all the ingredients for ice cream sundaes. The girls loved inventing their own desserts!

We served the ice creams in my vintage ice cream bowls and used a random selection of glasses too. The overall effect was beautiful and was appreciated by the girls. I think they noticed we trusted them with glass rather than the usual paper party bowls.

We had cake.

We ended with party bags and thank you biscuits.

The party bags contained a tatoo, bath confetti ( from a multi pack I split-up) and a few sweets. They looked great with some printed labelled attached – all put together by my daughter!

I will post separately about these biscuits – they were so easy and can be adapted for any occasion!

I can’t believe my Big Girl is 10. The time has flown by. The children are growing faster than the weeds in our garden.

Her x

Chocolate jubilee birthday cake

I made a cake this weekend for my brother-in-law’s birthday. He loves chocolate so the flavour was sorted, I just had to decide how to decorate it. I felt inspired my the recent jubilee celebrations and decided to go for a Union Jack. Some red, white and blue M&M’s on offer at the local supermarket sealed the deal.

I had two little helpers (both the girls) and we were all really pleased with the result.



The peanut M&M’s are stuck on nicely with chocolate ganache (150ml double cream heated with 150g of chocolate). The ganache makes a good (and tasty) coating for the cake. The cake is edged with Cadbury’s chocolate fingers and finished with some red ribbon.

The children enjoyed copying a picture of the Union Jack – a bit like painting by numbers! I would recommend this method of cake decorating.



The cake itself is a duck egg sponge. I am always looking for ways to use up my eggs and making huge sponge cakes can easily take 6-8 eggs.

In fact I will be posting more about my egg mountain later this week.

Her x

A great cake for a gardener and jam jar cocktails.

I had a wonderful birthday get together with the girls this week. It was my birthday last week and we all arranged to meet up, share a few drinks and bring a contribution for supper.

I was so pleased when a friend made me this garden cake. The match makers looked like a garden fence  and the peas and cauliflowers were made from fondant icing. The cake tasted yummy and brought a smile to everyone.

My contribution to the party was some jam jar cocktails. I had pre-mixed a selection and took them along for everyone to try, and enjoy. They went down a treat and I will be making some more for the next get together!


Her x

My weekend top 10

In no particular order…

1. Decorating our Easter tree with the Little People.

2. A wonderful birthday party for the youngest member of the family.

3. A lovely BBQ with friends.

4. A campfire evening to warm us up after a lovely day in the garden, complete with toasted marshmallows.

5. The first switch-on of the outdoor garden patio lights.

6. Lots of family time spent having Easter egg hunts, chick hunts (toy chicks, not real ones; that’s another story because yes,  it really happened one year!) and games in the garden.

7. My chickens making use of the campfire area as a dust bath. This was this afternoon and the ashes were quite cold!

8. Having leftover birthday cake for afternoon tea in the garden today.

9.Making good use of this old sun lounger that I rescued from being throw out by a neighbour last week. It has become a family favourite and makes for a very comfy sit-down after the garden jobs have been done.

10. Making good progress in the garden. Everyone helped to tidy up the chicken area, plant out purple sprouting broccoli, spread compost and complete many other jobs.

All in, it has been a fantastic weekend.

Her x